The Mark of Exceptional Design

The vision
is here —
south of Square One.

The Building

Artform: 86 Dundas East

The Location

Cooksville: The Art of Change

The Connections

The Dundas Connects Project

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The Art of New

Artform: 86 Dundas East

Artform is an emblem of style, design and poise. A graceful denial of conformity. It acknowledges that art leads any great revival, forcing us to look to the future for inspiration. Artform’s 17 storeys of bold, creative flair intersect with thoughtful, clean aesthetics to create the perfect marriage of art and design. Brick, metal, stone and glass come together in an architectural masterpiece of geometry and creativity. Spearheading the revitalization of Mississauga, south of Square One, Artform is the mark of exceptional design.

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Artform’s 17 storeys of bold, creative flair intersect with thoughtful, clean aesthetics to create the perfect marriage of art and design.

Baber Shop

The Art of Change

Cooksville is set for major change and revitalization through the extraordinary Dundas Connects project.

Arial View

This master plan will beautify the Dundas corridor, transforming it into a vibrant, dynamic street that nourishes a growing population and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Anchored by new medium and low-density residential buildings that incorporate lively and unique retail options at ground level, Dundas will flourish with more of what makes a city enticing for residents: More parks, green spaces, and public art to enjoy; more cycling lanes, crosswalks and wide sidewalks for safer transportation; better public transit; and even a state-of-the-art new Community Hub for every kind of gathering.

The Art of Connections

The Dundas Connects Future Transit

The City of Mississauga’s Official Plan pinpoints Hurontario and Dundas Streets as “Intensification Corridors” that will be developed with a greater concentration of homes, employment opportunities, transit and other services. Cooksville’s important status as a transportation hub for the GTA will be cemented with the improvement of public transit in the area.

Transit map

Light Rapid Transit and Bus Rapid Transit

With the Dundas corridor set to grow by 52,000 new residents and 9,600 jobs, public transit is playing a big role in the plans. The new Hurontario Light Rapid Transit (LRT) line is now under construction by Metrolinx. Commuters will be able to connect directly to the GO system via the Cooksville GO station. As well, the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will provide direct connection to TTC subway stations, running along dedicated transit lanes. BRT service will be frequent, with the next bus coming in three-minute intervals.

18 km

length of Hurontario LRT.


LRT stations on Hurontario St.

300 m

between future LRT Dundas stop and Artform.


The Mark of Exceptional Design South of Square One

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